Online TV Repair Courses and Classes Overview

Students interesting in learning TV repair will find online courses available in basic electronics. These classes provide an essential background on terminology, construction and design of electrical systems, circuits and machinery. They are generally offered as part of degree and certificate programs at the undergraduate level.

Essential Information

TV repair technicians typically complete on-the-job training and certifications. However, some gain hands-on training in electronic home entertainment in vocational schools and community colleges. Associate of Applied Science in Electronic Engineering Technology programs and certificate programs in electronics technology, technology studies and electromechanical technology offer some online coursework in basic electronics. Graduates of electronics programs are qualified to work in electronic home entertainment installation and repair, which includes working on televisions.

General Requirements for Online Courses

In some distance learning courses, students use specialized electronic equipment such as an oscilloscope. They may also practice wiring, soldering and installing diodes and chips. Some classes provide this equipment to online students, while others do not.

List of Online Electronics Courses

The online electronics courses below can be helpful for those interested in learning TV repair.

Elementary Electronics Course

This course introduces basic concepts of electronic theory and defines terminology such as voltage, resistance, current and capacity. It trains students to use diagnostic and repair tools such as amplifiers, oscilloscopes and resistors. The syllabus also includes topics on preventive measures against accidents, safety equipment and first aid.

Introduction to AC/DC Course

Students learn the similarities and differences between alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). They study the history, usage and applications of each. They also use test equipment, interpret schematics, design circuits and install components in both AC and DC systems.

Electronic Devices Course

The curriculum for this course presents detailed and advanced operating techniques for electronic measurement devices such as oscillators, capacitors and voltmeters. It also demonstrates troubleshooting, maintenance, test and repair procedures.

Small Appliance Course

Students learn the operating principles of household appliances. They identify components, review schematics, compare wiring diagrams, develop troubleshooting skills and diagnose issues to evaluate problems and make repairs.

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