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Online Tree Trimming Classes and Courses Overview

Tree trimming is more than just beautifying a tree; it's often a solution to prevent more costly problems in the future. Tree trimming classes are often offered through continuing education programs. Online tree trimming classes can teach students the basics of tree trimming or prepare them for careers as professional tree trimmers.

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Essential Information

Online tree trimming classes provide students with the knowledge required to properly trim and prune trees. Since tree trimmers spend most of their time outdoors with heavy power-driven equipment, students can only complete part of a tree trimming class online. For this reason, some tree trimming classes are hybrid classes, with a practical, hands-on component. Students who take tree trimming courses can earn diplomas or certificates.

Class Requirements

For a tree trimming program that provides hands-on experience, tree trimmers may need to purchase their own equipment, including shears, sprayers and chainsaws.

Tree Trimming Classes

Some of the courses below are tree trimming classes commonly offered online.

Plant Appraisal and Valuation Class

Students learn the value of trees and landscape based on their species, condition, size and location. Students learn to determine the value of destroyed or damaged trees by use of an appraisal method. Valuation and appraisal skills are necessary in real estate transactions, insurance reimbursements and general landscape inventories.

Tree Pruning Class

This tree pruning class demonstrates how to prune trees using methods such as thinning, crown raising, reduction pruning, bracing and cabling. Students learn safe and effective methods of pruning, while using the right tools for the job. Some methods that require a hands-on teaching approach may not be possible with online tree trimming classes.

Tree Care and Tree Trimming Class

This class teaches students about tree insects and diseases, proper soil and transplanting. Bracing, cabling, line clearance pruning and basic pruning are covered in this class. Students learn how to identify problem trees, safely trim, and remove them. This class is often offered as two separate classes.

Tree & Shrub Pruning Class

The anatomy and growth of woody trees and shrubs is introduced. Different pruning and trimming techniques are introduced. Special emphasis is placed on pruning and training ornamental and fruiting trees, evergreens, deciduous and shrubs.

Operation and Maintenance of Equipment Class

Proper operation and maintenance of equipment is vital with tree trimming. This class teaches students how to operate and care for the tools and equipment used for tree trimming. Students learn about selecting the right power-driven equipment, such as rototillers, mowers, tractors, chainsaws, sprayers and other landscaping tools.

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