Online Turf Management Courses and Classes Review

Online classes in turf management teach the latest techniques in utility grass development and care. Often, students in these programs need to complement their online classes with laboratory work on campus.

Essential Information

Prospective golf course and turf managers can study turf management online as part of programs in turf science or soil and crop science. Students learn to care for the grass and lawns of athletic teams, golf courses and schools. Management of disease and pests and maintenance of turf health practices are some of the subjects covered in online turf science classes. This profession also requires continued education as horticultural practices evolve.

Online Turf Management Courses

The following courses are examples of commonly offered online options for those interested in the study of turf management.

  • Introduction to Turf Management Course: In this introductory course, students examine the use of turfgrass for sports and other activities. Basic turf care is discussed. Topics include disease and insect control, soil and irrigation.
  • Turf Health Maintenance Course: Identifying, solving and managing pest and disease issues are the focus of turf health courses. As with any crop, turfgrass is susceptible to pests as well as disease, which can interrupt use and cause environmental damage.
  • Scientific Principles of Turfgrass Course: Courses that focus on the science of turfgrass examine the selection and establishment of turf. Considerations of climate and shade are discussed. Students learn to employ scientific methods to manage turf.
  • Advanced Turfgrass Management Course: Professionals and graduate students of turf management or soil science take courses in advanced management. This type of course covers user safety, environmental protection and development of seasonal grasses.
  • Golf and Athletic Field Turf Management Course: Use-specific courses in turf management keep the new turf science student and the professional turf manager abreast of trends in controlling weeds, insects, disease and fertility. Nutritional and presentation standards are covered.
  • Pathology of Turfgrass Course: Pathology courses are offered to the professional who needs current knowledge of government regulations. Students learn the latest control procedures for disease as well as visual diagnosis.
  • Math for Turfgrass and Landscape Managers: Students learn specific mathematics to apply to calculate correct amounts of pesticides and fertilizer for turfgrass, size of pipes to use for irrigation, and other math formulas that will be needed in the field.

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