Online Underwriting Courses and Classes Overview

Online coursework in underwriting is provided by institutions such as The American Institute for Commercial Property and Casualty Underwriters and The American College. Successful completion of these courses and the associated online exams can lead to various certifications in underwriting.

Essential Information

Underwriters generally hold bachelor's degrees, frequently with a business or finance focus. After obtaining a degree, prospective underwriters can enroll in online courses leading to various underwriting designations, such as those in property and casualty, life and health insurance, or general underwriting. Additionally, they should expect to pursue continuing education opportunities throughout their careers in order to keep abreast of a field whose demands shift rapidly to adjust to technological and regulatory changes.

List of Online Underwriting Courses

The following underwriting courses can be found through online programs.

Commercial Underwriting Basics Course

This is an intermediate course taken on the path to AU designation. Students learn about the fundamentals of underwriting and pricing insurance products for commercial organizations. Issues for assessment discussed include building construction, disaster potential, occupancy and fire hazards, indirect loss and commercial crime insurance.

Commercial Liability Insurance Course

This is an advanced-level course on commercial liability that counts toward AU or CPCU designation. It provides participants with tools for helping businesses reduce exposure to financial loss and manage everyday risks. Types of liability loss exposures and insurance policies covered include general liability, business auto, worker's compensation, management, professional and aviation.

Commercial Insurance and the Law Course

This intermediate-level course counting toward CPCU designation covers issues relevant to U.S. law and insurance regulation, as well as insurance law and contracts formation. It considers consumer, property, tort, agency and employment law. Insurance laws as they apply to various business entities and multinational corporations are also addressed.

Life Insurance Basics Course

This is a required course toward LUTCF designation. It cover the two types of life insurance available - term and whole life - and the variety of products the industry offers for each. Also considered are the different ways individual consumers, families and businesses use these products, as well as the ethical issues faced by the insurance counselor.

Insurance and Financial Planning Course

This intermediate-level course toward CLU designation focuses on the importance of risk management and personal financial planning in the areas of investing, preparing for retirement and estate planning. Factors affecting consumers' choices and options are discussed, along with techniques and tools for selecting products that best meet their needs.

Group Health Insurance Course

This course toward RHU designation provides an overview of group health insurance benefits. Perspectives of the insurance provider, customer, employer and nation as a whole are considered. Additionally, health care reform and state and federal laws are discussed in terms of their influence on both traditional and managed health care plans.

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