Online Victim Advocate Classes, Courses and Training Programs

Online victim advocate classes provide the skills and training needed for professionals who work with crime victims. Classes can be found within many criminal justice and social work bachelor's and master's degree programs and in some paralegal training programs. Most students who complete coursework receive a victim advocacy certificate.

Essential Information

Training programs and courses in victim advocacy teach participants how to help victims deal with the devastating effects that crime has on the lives of individuals and families. In addition, students learn how to provide assistance to victims during and after times of crisis resulting from criminal activity.

Students can earn a Certificate of Completion in Victim Advocacy by taking online classes as part of a bachelor's or master's degree program in legal studies, criminal justice or social work. Most online victim advocate training programs focus on the same material and present it as a single course. Students can expect to complete training in about seven weeks.

Graduates work as victim advocates in various settings, including domestic violence shelters, crisis centers and with state and county offices that assist victims. Graduates may also pursue careers as probation, parole or peace officers and social workers.

Online Victim Advocate Courses

The following are some of the victim advocate courses found online.

  • Victim Advocacy Course: The class provides students with a basic introduction of victim advocacy and victims' rights legislation. Students learn how the legal process works. The course also includes training for community and grief counseling and crisis intervention. Graduates understand the steps to helping victims receive temporary restraining orders and find employment. Specific topics covered in most classes include legal terminology and process, guardianship, domestic violence and child abuse and sexual assault.
  • Vitctomology: This course is a general study of victims, the effect crime has on them and their families and the relationship between criminals and victims.
  • Intimate Partner Violence: Students scrutinize victimization issues between people who know each other very well. The course also examines how the court system and law enforcement deal with this type of violence.

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