Online Writing Courses for Children's Book Authors

Basic and advanced writing courses are offered online for individuals interested in becoming children's book authors. Choices range from individual writing courses to online graduate certificate programs in children's literature.

Essential Information

Many schools provide both introductory and advanced coursework online for individuals aspiring to write children's books. Advanced courses can generally be found within online graduate degree and certificate programs, which are specifically designed to train authors. While some programs are available completely online, others require occasional on-campus attendance for residencies, seminars or writing workshops. Most writing courses require student participation in online discussion with instructors and peers.

Online Children's Book Writing Courses

The following summaries are for some of the popular writing courses offered online and geared towards writing children's books.

  • Introduction to Children's Literature Course: This course provides students with an overview of the history of children's literature and its use in child development. Children's book authors use both the written word and illustrations to communicate specific information to their desired audience. Students in this course study how words and pictures are used in classic children's literature, to learn the skills needed to produce quality literary works for today's children.
  • Book Writing Course: Aspiring children's authors must understand what is required for a book to be considered for publication. First, the author must decide what message the book should convey and how this message should be communicated. Next, prior to beginning the actual writing, the author must identify the book's characters and storyline, the vocabulary range to use in telling the story, and the age of the book's reading audience. Writing the book is just one step in the publishing process.
  • Book Publishing Course: A writer must have a book published to be considered an author. Students in this course are instructed in the process of publishing a children's book, and taught the skills they need to become authors. Once a book is completed, it is critiqued by the professor to determine whether it is ready for consideration by a publishing house.
  • Appreciation and Presentation of Children's Literature Course: Students read extensively to view several writing techniques. Each technique may reach a specific young audience. Topics also include ways that children's interests and needs vary with their age groups, home and school environments. Parents, school librarians and educators can all benefit from reading and reviewing examples of quality children's literature.

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