Overview of Courses for CNA Instructors

A certified nursing assistant (CNA) instructor teaches individuals who are interested in working as nursing assistants or nurse's aides. Read on to learn about some popular courses for CNA instructors.

Essential Information

CNA instructors must be registered nurses (RNs) with at least two years of nursing experience, preferably with elderly patients. Courses for CNA instructors are offered at a number of community colleges and universities. These courses typically last only a few days and may be presented in seminar or workshop format. CNA instructors must obtain licenses from their state boards in order to teach.

List of Common Courses

The most common types of courses for aspiring CNA instructors are profiled in the descriptions below.

CNA Instructor Course

Certified nursing assistants are usually responsible for providing the basic care of patients at hospital, care homes and other facilities. Their duties may include bathing, grooming, feeding and dressing patients, many of whom are usually elderly. CNAs are usually supervised by nursing staff.

Candidates who have obtained their RN credentials and wish to provide CNA training in basic nursing aide duties can benefit from this course. The course is usually approved by a state health department, and involves about a week of instruction, which may including training to assist patients with Alzheimer's disease.

Participants may take part in clinical evaluation workshops, which help gauge the manual skills learned by potential CNAs. Upon completion of the instructor course program, trainees develop and instruct a basic CNA program.

CNA Instruction for RNs Course

In this course, registered nurses learn to teach basic nursing skills in accredited state programs. The training course is divided into several sessions. Prospective instructors must demonstrate methods of developing lesson plans, explaining principles of learning and defining legal requirements. Trainees learn to identify the instructor as the driving force in the training program.

Instructor trainees may be expected to share positive and negative prior work experiences with classmates. Also, self-assessment skills are an essential part of training. Students must develop their observation and questioning techniques. All students must substantiate and display their teaching skills for successful completion.

CNA Trainer Course

Experienced registered nurses may also enroll in this state-approved course. This course consists of 32 hours of training to become CNA instructors and provides knowledge of how to teach certified nursing assistant programs in educational institutions. Participants should have a background in home health agency and hospice care, along with geriatric and long-term care experience.

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