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Overview of Medicaid and Medicare Billing Courses

Medicaid and Medicare are federal health insurance programs that assist the needy and elderly. This article profiles some of the most common Medicaid and Medicare courses.

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Essential Information

Medicaid and Medicare billing courses cover various aspects of the medical billing industry and are usually available through certificate programs in medical coding and billing, computerized medical billing or medical office assisting. Graduates of these programs may go on to work in hospitals, doctor's offices or other health care facilities that employ insurance billers.

List of Common Medicaid and Medicare Billing Courses

The descriptions below detail some commonly offered Medicaid and Medicare courses.

Medicare Course

Students learn about Medicare, a health insurance program funded by the U.S. for Americans aged 65 and older. This course covers eligibility for Medicare and enrollment procedures. It reviews the coverage provided, program restrictions and fees. Individuals learn how to process claim forms and how Medicare overlaps with other government-sponsored insurance.

Medicaid Course

This course covers Medicaid, a federal health program for low-income individuals and families. Students learn about eligibility requirements and the services provided by Medicaid. The relationship between Medicare and Medicaid is discussed, as well as the program's future. Students begin to learn how to process claims.

Medical Billing and Coding Course

Students discuss the process of medical billing and how it is based on a standard set of coding and symbols used by health care providers and insurers. Lessons begin with how the reimbursement process begins after a patient provides documentation of health insurance. They then detail how this insurance information is turned into codes and submitted to the insurance company for payment. The class also reviews the various types of coding fields and how to reference them. It discusses the federal and industry regulations regarding the abuse and fraud in medical billing.

Basic Medical Documentation Course

This class provides guidelines for the proper documentation of medical records. Students review the laws governing medical document. They study the life cycle of medical records and the filing methods used in the industry. Other topics include database management, security and the audit of health data.

Health Insurance and Claims Course

This course provides an overview of the types of health insurance available, such as Medicaid, Medicare, disability, liability and medical insurance. Students discuss the health insurance claims process, including claim initiation, new patient interview, insurance processing and third-party reimbursement. They also learn how to identify the various types of insurance programs and packages and the services they cover.

Medical Terminology Course

Individuals study the basic vocabulary used in the health care industry, including the pronunciation and spelling of words used to describe human anatomy and physiology, common diseases and medical instruments. Students learn how to use the terminology in its proper context so it is accurately reflected in medical records and billing.

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