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Personal Development Courses, Classes and Training Programs

Personal development courses help students gain vital planning, organization and communication skills that prepare them to make the most of their desired degree path. This article discusses some of the most common types of personal development courses.

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Essential Information

Available at many colleges and universities, personal development courses are designed to prepare students for their college and career experience and are generally taken before or in addition to the bulk of their other degree-centered coursework. These courses are commonly offered through the counseling or advising departments of schools.

List of Common Courses

The following summaries detail the most commonly offered types of personal development courses.

Career Planning Course

This course enables students to understand valuable decision-making tools which aid long-term life and career planning. Emphasis is placed on recognizing skills, ideals and interests as well as navigating job markets and utilizing job search methods. Students are encouraged to develop multi-faceted and alternate career plans in order to prepare for uncertainties and changing employment conditions.

Major Selection and Educational Preparation Course

Here students gain a better understanding of their educational strengths and weaknesses in order to more aptly prepare an outlined college path for themselves. Through research and discussion, students outline a personalized method for selecting a college major. They then make commitments and implement strategies to help them achieve their educational goals.

Time Management Course

For those who are habitually late, feel repeatedly overbooked or put off assignments until the last possible opportunity, this course investigates contributing factors to procrastination and schedule management issues, providing various strategies to more efficiently manage time and tasks. Students will learn from lessons and then implement their own unique time management plans.

Decision Making Course

Whether with college course selection, determining potential internship opportunities or other vital career-sensitive choices, the decision-making process can be extremely stressful and time-consuming. This course outlines models and tools that aid in analyzing decision positives and negatives, potential outcomes and various alternative options should the most desired outcomes become unavailable.

Assertiveness Course

Here students investigate a variety of communication styles and attempt to determine their own communication tendencies. Emphasis is on the benefits of being assertive as opposed to simply passive or overly aggressive. Students strive to achieve a balance between successfully making their own points and listening to the points of others.

Personal Development Training Programs

Training for personal improvement and development often takes place through introductory or supplementary courses apart from a desired major or degree path. These courses prepare students for their future educational decisions and provide tools to successfully manage their college workload, stress level, organizational abilities and communication skills. Such courses may be offered for similar or slightly less credited hours toward a degree than other required courses.

Those interested in acquiring the knowledge and expertise to aid others in personal development may wish to pursue a career in counseling or psychology.

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