Personality Development Course and Class Information

Courses in personality development are available within bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs in developmental psychology and applied psychology. Instruction typically focuses on theories of personality and human development in the early stages of a person's life.

Essential Information

Developmental and applied psychology programs provide coursework in personality development. They also contain courses in research, cognitive and emotional development, creativity development and psychopathology, to name a few areas. Whereas undergraduate programs provide a broad background in psychology, as well as preparing individuals for graduate work, graduate programs are usually more professionally oriented and contain a research or clinical component, depending upon the degree.

List of Common Courses

The courses below represent a sampling of personality development courses found in applied psychology and developmental psychology programs.

Basic Developmental Psychology Course

An introductory course in developmental psychology is typically taken in the early stages of a bachelor's degree program in psychology. It provides students with an overview of the various stages of human development, ranging from infancy through adulthood. Topics include factors that can influence personality development, such as family, culture and environment.

Principles of Personality Development Course

This introductory course is usually included in a undergraduate psychology degree program. Instruction focuses on major theories in personality development. Lectures also compare typical personalities with those that exhibit neurotic characteristics, such as anxiety, depression and obsessive worry.

Human Development through Childhood Course

Human development courses are included in bachelor's and master's degree programs. They focus on the development of a child's personality as he or she progresses from infancy through early and later childhood. Topics include temperament, capacity to learn, family bonding, language and peer group relationships. Coursework usually includes a research component based on experimentation and observation.

Human Development through Adolescence Course

In this course, students take a detailed look at the continued development of personality in adolescents. Topics include peer relationships, gender identity, management of depression and aggression, puberty and transition into early adulthood. This course is often included in master's degree programs in psychology, but it can also be found in some bachelor's-level programs.

Advanced Personality Development Course

An advanced course in personality development examines the relationship between personality and socialization in both early and later stages of life. It is usually offered in master's or doctorate degree programs. A research component is often required, though instruction is also given through special topics seminars that address both modern and traditional personality theory models.

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