Philosophy: An Introduction to Philosophy Adult Education Programs

Adult education philosophy programs and courses are offered by schools' continuing education departments to students who want to receive additional instruction in this area or earn credits towards a degree. Read on to learn more about these courses' admissions requirements and explore available topics of study.

Schools and Programs

Philosophy programs and courses geared towards adult learners are typically available through college and university continuing education departments. Some of these training options are offered as credit-bearing courses for degree-seeking students or post-baccalaureate students who want to supplement their undergraduate degree with one or more courses in this area. Instruction is usually delivered in a traditional classroom setting, though online learning is also an option.

Adult learners interested in studying philosophy for self-enrichment purposes can opt for non-credit courses. This type of training is typically open to everyone, though some schools anticipate that applicants will have already completed some undergraduate coursework. Instruction lasts anywhere from one to ten weeks. Some schools also offer shorter lecture series and seminars. More information is offered below.

Programs At a Glance

Program Program Length Program Levels Class Format
Individual courses 2-6 weeks Summer sessions Online, on-campus
Seminars 1 day Noncredit On-campus

Topics of Study

Philosophy adult education programs introduce students to works ranging from Plato's dialogues and the philosophical treatises of Cicero to more modern essays by philosophers like Heidegger and Nietzsche. Courses might also focus on a historical era or philosophical issue, such as social justice and sexual morality. Topics of discussion can include modern political theory and philosophy, introduction to philosophy, epistemology, western metaphysics, medical ethics, and logic.

Career Options

Adult education philosophy programs and courses are designed to supplement students' previous training or help them complete their degree. Career options depend on the course of study they've selected. However, philosophy classes completed through a school's continuing education department can help students develop their critical-thinking skills and their ability to discuss new ideas, qualities which are essential for employment in any position.

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