Preschool Director Certification and Training Program Information

Preschool director certificate programs prepare individuals to work in or to run preschool centers, as they learn about business operations and children's personal and learning needs.

Essential Information

Preschool director certificate programs provide a knowledge-base and skill set necessary to become part of the youth education and care industry. Students learn how to design, execute and manage a preschool center's daily operations, curriculum, staffing and finances. Three to six classes long, course topics are diverse and include childhood development, administration, methods in curriculum development, strategies in early childhood guidance and children in multi-cultural societies. Direct experience is attained through mentorships on-site or at early education centers. Applicants must possess at least a bachelor's degree, a certain grade point average and verified experience working with young children in a development program.

  • Prerequisites: A bachelor's degree, an acceptable final grade point average and relevant work experience.
  • Program Length: 3-6 courses long
  • Other Requirements: Completion of a supervised internship for graduation

Preschool director certificate

Students in preschool director certificate programs get a thorough understanding of the physical, emotional, mental and learning needs of children through courses like the following:

  • Principles of early childhood education
  • Child health, development and growth
  • Creative experiences for young children
  • Child health, safety and nutrition
  • Early childhood professions
  • Administration of child care and education

Employment Outlook and Salary Info

Most preschool directors hold teaching positions before moving into administration. A combination of a bachelor's degree and a certificate can provide the education generally needed to enter this career. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), education administrators of preschool and child care centers earned a mean annual wage of $52,190 in May 2014. The estimated employment growth rate for this occupation is at 17% for the years 2012-2022.

Continuing Education Information

Some states require continuing education to maintain certification or licensure in early childhood administration. Qualifying specifics vary by state. Preschool directors can obtain voluntary certification by meeting experience and training guidelines. For example, The National Child Care Association (NCCA) and the Council for Professional Recognition offer a National Administration Credential (NAC) and the Child Development Associate (CDA) credential, respectively. Graduates are normally eligible to sit for any state examinations.

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