Product Design Engineering Degree Program Information

In product design engineering programs, students learn the craft, approaches and technologies of item development through traditional coursework, projects and hands-on training.

Essential Information

Product design engineers create and develop new and innovative products across several industries, including home appliances and manufacturing technology. Those interested in this field often pursue a bachelor's or master's degree in the area. 4-year bachelor's students learn how to take a product idea from the conception stage to a finished item, as they spend practical course hours sketching and laying out designs, performing dynamic product analyses and creating prototypes and models. Lectures focus on business, communication and management principles. Discussed topics include material properties and kinematics.

Graduate studies curriculum is 2 years long and covers advanced mechanical engineering, design and drafting, state-of-the-art technologies, human needs analyzation, commercial and industrial engineering, patent law and design software. Applicants must have a bachelor's in mathematics, science, design or engineering and acceptable Graduate Records Examination (GRE) scores. At both levels, a product design project must be completed for graduation.

  • Program Levels: Bachelor's and master's
  • Program Fields: Product design engineering technology
  • Prerequisites: A relevant bachelor's and satisfactory standardized test scores for a master's
  • Program Length: 4 years for a bachelor's, 2 years for a master's
  • Other Requirements: Completion of an exit product design project

Bachelor of Science in Product Design Engineering Technology

Undergraduate product design engineering programs are interdisciplinary, combining elements of science, mathematics, technology and design. General education courses include English composition, physics and material science. Examples of core subjects are:

  • Fundamentals of electrical systems
  • Material selection
  • Product design
  • Manufacturing design
  • Applied mechanics

Master of Science in Product Design Engineering

Most master's courses focus on advanced principles and practices related to product development and design. Specific courses include:

  • Design and manufacturing
  • Design strategy
  • Advanced product design
  • Design innovation
  • Design research

Popular Career Options

Graduates are qualified for a number of positions in the of manufacturing, engineering and industrial technology fields. Some popular job titles are:

  • Design technician
  • Product designer
  • Product research technician
  • Project leader

Employment Outlook and Salary Info

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment for industrial and commercial designers is projected to increase by 4% between 2012 and 2022, with a mean salary of $67,030 as of May 2014 (www.bls.gov).

Continuing Education

Graduates can further their education with an advanced degree in business or management. For example, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) can make one eligible for supervisory or executive employment.

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