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Salary Information for a Doctor of Management Degree

The study of management is available through a doctoral degree program for students who want a career in research and academics. Graduates are also able to find consulting jobs and offer advice to companies and organizations.

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Salary Information

Many graduates of a management doctoral degree program become professors, and salary is often based upon the professor's rank. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, postsecondary business teachers in the United States averaged $89,100 in May 2013 (

University professors often earn additional income by publishing their research, speaking at conferences, consulting with companies and teaching at area schools. Research and consultation areas may include fundamentals of management, philosophy of ethics and values, and strategic organization design.

Management Doctoral Degree: An Overview

Ph.D. programs in management are meant to create scholars and professors of management. Programs may be available in traditional classroom formats or can be found online.


Students going into this program may be required to have completed their Master of Business Administration degree. Many programs may also recommend that students have experience in the business world, preferably in a management or leadership role, for several years prior to application.

Applicants may also need to have strong scores on the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE). In order to gain acceptance to a program, students may also be required to understand information systems, management science, economics, social science, behavioral science, business administration and statistics.


Many schools may differentiate the program by years. For instance, the first year may include foundational classes in research and economics-related coursework, while the second and third year focuses on specific courses involving management and business. Additional topics covered include strategy formulation and execution, global operations, behavioral processes, technology acquisition and operational planning.

A dissertation is required to earn a doctoral degree, and students must present and defend their final project to a university committee. Dissertations are often created under the supervision of a university professor.

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