Salary Scale for Biotechnology Majors with a 4-Year Degree

Biotechnology is a rapidly expanding field that utilizes organisms for technological advancement in medicine, agriculture and other fields. Salaries for biotechnology majors vary depending on industry, employer and years of experience. Learn more about these ranges below.

What Salary Can I Expect to Earn with a 4-Year Biotechnology Degree?

Biotechnology is necessary to companies that develop herbicides and pesticides, pharmaceuticals, energy, agriculture, industrial chemicals, food production, genetic engineering and livestock production. While biotechnology majors have many industries from which to choose, many become research associates. Below is salary information for biotechnology research associates by degree, employer, industry and years of experience.

Biotechnology Research Associate Salary by Degree

According to, the 10th to 90th percentile salaries as of August 2014 for biotechnology research associates according to degree was as follows:

  • Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology: $47,706-$63,001
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology: $34,278-$60,917
  • Bachelor of Arts in Biology: $38,000-$71,322
  • Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry: $36,000-$86,282

Biotechnology Salary by Years of Experience estimated the salaries of research associates in biotechnology by level of work experience. Below are median salaries as of August 2014:

  • Entry-level: $45,831
  • Mid-career: $55,499
  • Experienced: $64,443

Biotechnology Salary by Employer

Many research companies, private firms, hospitals, universities, government agencies and other organizations hire former biotechnology majors. Below is a list of five prominent employers in the biotechnology field, along with the 10th to 90th percentile salary range, according to as of August 2014.

Company Industry Salary Range
Genentech, Inc. Pharmaceuticals $61,500-$185,000
Merck & Co., Inc. Pharmaceuticals $55,624-$121,844
Life Technologies Biotechnology $46,731-$146,807
Novartis Institutes of Biomedical Research Pharmaceuticals $56,460 -$127,500
Pfizer, Inc. Pharmaceuticals $54,631 - $146,363

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