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Scholarships for a Masters Degree in Counseling: How to Find Them

Many resources can help students find scholarships for master's programs in counseling, including online scholarship databases, financial aid offices, libraries and department professors. Students can also check with professional organizations that offer scholarships to graduate students in the counseling fields.

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Where Can I Find Scholarships for a Master's Degree in Counseling?

Online Resources

Scholarship databases are available on financial websites such as and educational websites such as the Federal Student Aid site, which is owned and operated by the U.S. Department of Education. Sites like these feature a searchable database of scholarships. Students can search by keyword or by other criteria, such as major, degree level, GPA, religious affiliation, hobbies and interests.

Once the search is complete, a list of related scholarships is shown. Students can view the dollar amount of the award, number of awards available, contact information, application deadline and all requirements and prerequisites, such as required GPA and major, field of study and eligible enrollment levels. Some sites allow students to apply for scholarships directly. Free registration may be required on some sites in order to access the database and apply for scholarships.

Offline Resources

There are just as many offline resources for finding scholarships for a master's degree in counseling as online resources. For example, calling or visiting the financial aid office at the college of the student's choice is one option. Financial aid offices generally have access to a wealth of scholarship information and are usually willing to assist students in their search. These offices have access to information about scholarships offered by the school, as well as scholarships available from outside sources.


Another option is to thumb through the many books at the local library that provide information on scholarships available to counseling majors, graduate students, minorities and others.


Talking to college professors is another choice. Those working in the appropriate departments, such as the psychology or counselor education departments, may be able to point students in the right direction. A professor may also sometimes nominate a student to receive a scholarship.

Professional Organizations

Students can also consult professional organizations to find available scholarships. The American Counseling Association (ACA), along with the ACA Foundation, sponsors a yearly graduate student scholarship competition for students seeking a career counseling elementary, middle and high school students. These competitions require essays and have entry requirements, such as proof of enrollment in a professional counseling program.

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