Schools for Theater Makeup Artistry: How to Choose

Aspiring makeup artists who want to work in theater, movies or television can pursue studies in theater makeup artistry. Courses in this field are typically offered through bachelor's degree programs in theater, non-degree programs or in a standalone format.

How to Select a Theater Makeup Artistry School

Few schools in the United States focus solely on theater makeup artistry. However, some colleges, universities or technical schools offer degree and certificate programs in theater and in fashion that help prepare students for behind-the-scenes careers in theater.

Students interested in a theater makeup school may want to take the following into account:

  • Students may want to consider the history and alumni success of a program when looking at schools.
  • Hands-on experience can be highly beneficial in a makeup program, and students may want to consider whether a school offers this type of training through workshops, field trips, internships or other methods.
  • Most states require a license to be a practicing makeup artist, and the standards for this license can sometimes be rigorous; students should consider licensing requirements and assistance when looking at programs.
  • Students may want to take into consideration whether or not a school is accredited and offers membership in professional organizations, such as the American Association of Cosmetology Schools and the National Cosmetology Association.
  • A school's location may be an important consideration, as there may be more employment opportunities in industry cities, such as Los Angeles and New York.

Theater Makeup Artistry Program Overview

Course in Theater Makeup Artistry

Students in theater makeup artistry courses are exposed to the full array of makeup and cosmetology techniques. Some programs offer students the chance to apply their skills in an on-campus television studio. Students focusing on a career in theater makeup artistry can take courses in:

  • Theatrical/live performance makeup
  • Film makeup
  • Prosthetics
  • Monster makeup

10 Theater Makeup Schools:

College/University Institution Type
Blue Ridge Community College 2-year, Public
California Institute of the Arts 4-year, Private, not-for-profit
Carnegie Mellon University 4-year, Private, not-for-profit
Greensboro College 4-year, Private, not-for-profit
Marymount Manhattan College 4-year, Private, not-for-profit
Montclair State University 4-year, Public
Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas 2-year, Public
Shenandoah University 4-year, Private, not-for-profit
Stephens College 4-year, Private, not-for-profit
Webster University 4-year, Private, not-for-profit

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