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Schools with Casino Surveillance Degree Programs: How to Choose

Casino surveillance personnel protect patrons and investigate possible illegal practices in a casino. Current casino personnel and individuals looking to begin a career in casino surveillance can find specialized education through seminars, certificate and associate degree programs offered through several community colleges, universities and vocational schools across the country.

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How to Select a School with Casino Surveillance Programs

Depending on time constraints, individuals seeking a career as a casino surveillance officer have multiple options for specialized training. Seminars in surveillance can last a few days to a few weeks and focus on specific aspects of casino security. Those looking for an education that covers a variety of areas within the hospitality field might benefit from enrolling in certificate or associate degree programs that offer courses in casino gaming and surveillance.

Summary of Important Considerations

  • Program options and curriculum
  • Hands-on experience

Program Options and Curriculum

Although surveillance training programs and seminars might not confer a credential, these programs are much shorter and could be ideal for the working surveillance officer who wishes to advance his or her career. These programs offer topics that allow professionals to keep up with the most advanced surveillance technology and trends.

Certificate and associate degree programs in casino gaming cover topics in casino marketing, table games management and surveillance. Prospective students might wish to look for programs that emphasize investigative techniques and how to detect suspicious behaviors.

Hands-on Experience

Some schools partner with casinos to provide students with the training that specific casinos are looking for. Other programs introduce attendees to the table and slot machine games offered at casinos to ensure that surveillance officers can spot illegal activity.

Casino Surveillance Program Overviews

Training and Seminar Programs in Casino Security and Surveillance

Surveillance training programs and seminars vary in length, typically lasting two days to four weeks. Programs are often intended for current casino employees; however, some training sessions could be available for inexperienced surveillance professionals. Some seminars offer career tips and management training for those interested in advancing to management or director positions. Topics typically focus on proactive security techniques, detecting internal fraud or new technologies in surveillance.

Certificate Program in Casino Gaming and Security

Certificate programs could benefit students looking for a broader education relating to the gambling industry. Many schools offer certificate courses online. Students might study:

  • Human resources
  • Tribal gaming regulations
  • Casino regulations

Associate Degree in Criminal Justice

Students might find that criminal justice programs offer the most applicable education at the degree level for a career as a casino surveillance officer. Individuals with an associate degree in criminal justice and sufficient experience in the field could qualify for a promotion to a surveillance director or supervisor position. Prospective students who want an education that covers a wide range of hospitality-related training could earn a degree in casino operation management or hospitality management with a concentration in casino security and surveillance. Sample associate degree classes may address topics like:

  • Casino marketing
  • Gaming operations
  • Hospitality
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