Schools with Electrical Estimating Programs: How to Choose

Electrical estimating is the process of determining a projected cost for the electrical aspects of a construction project. While electrical estimating is not commonly offered as a separate program, students can enroll in related programs that offer estimating courses or concentrations.

How to Select an Electrical Estimating School

Students interested in electrical estimating can enroll in certificate, associate degree and bachelor's degree programs in construction or electrical systems cost estimating, electrical technology, electrical engineering or construction management. Such programs are available at both 2- and 4-year colleges.

Summary of Considerations

  • Type and level of program
  • Internships
  • Online options

Type and Level of Program

Individuals who have previously worked in electrical estimating or construction will benefit from short certificate programs designed to lend specialization and academic credibility to prior work experience. Students can either select a certificate program in cost estimating that focuses more generally on construction management, or one that specifically concentrates on electrical estimating.

Individuals interested in the broader study of electrical technology or engineering can enroll in associate or bachelor's degree programs. An associate degree program in electrical technology can prepare a student for employment as an electrical cost estimator, especially when combined with a relevant work history. Some associate degree programs in electrical technology also provide specialized training in cost estimating.


Students may seek bachelor's degree programs in electrical engineering that offer more hands-on training in the form of internships or on-campus practicums. Bachelor's degree programs in construction management may provide a wider knowledge of construction projects and can prepare students for duties related to electrical estimating, such as surveying, planning and designing projects.

Online Options

Many of these programs are available as distance education options. Currently employed students, specifically those enrolling in continuing education programs to enhance their professional credentials, may prefer the flexibility of online course scheduling.

Electrical Estimating Program Overviews

Certificate in Cost Estimating

Career certificate programs in construction or electrical systems cost estimating can be completed in one semester or one year, online or on campus. Coursework may include estimating, bidding, blueprint and plan reading and plumbing estimation. Other course topics might include:

  • Mechanical estimation
  • Electrical circuits
  • Electrical system estimation

Associate Degree in Electrical Technology

Associate degree programs in electrical technology can be completed in two years, and course credits can be transferred if a student decides to continue study for a bachelor's degree. Coursework covers:

  • Electrical systems in construction
  • Electrical theory
  • Electrical plan reading
  • Input/output devices
  • Systems analysis

Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering

Bachelor's degree programs in electrical engineering can be completed in four years, and some require a capstone project for successful completion. Coursework often includes:

  • Electronic design
  • Circuits
  • Digital electronics
  • Networks
  • Electrical systems

Bachelor's Degree in Construction Management

Bachelor's degree programs in construction management commonly focus on the diverse components of construction projects, including finance, accounting and safety. A senior research project may be required prior to graduation. Other topics include:

  • Cost estimating
  • Project design
  • Management
  • Surveying
  • Materials

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