Schools with Radio Repair Programs: How to Choose

Radio repair may not be offered as a specific program, but aspiring radio mechanics and installers may be expected to complete postsecondary programs in electronics that also include computer knowledge.

How to Select a Radio Repair School

Certificate, diploma, associate degree and bachelor's degree programs in electronic communications, industrial electronics and electronic engineering may qualify graduates for professional radio repair positions. These programs can be found at electronic engineering technology or technical departments at community colleges, technical schools and universities.

Summary of Important Considerations

  • Types of programs
  • Licensure preparation
  • Practical experience

Types of Programs

Certificate and diploma programs tend to concentrate strictly on electronic and telecommunications technology, while associate degree programs include general education courses that students can transfer to bachelor's degree programs. Certificate programs in electronics can be completed in approximately one year and may appeal to students eager to enter the profession with basic academic training.

Individuals entering the field with a bachelor's degree may enter directly into radio repair positions, while those who have completed lower-level programs may begin with entry-level jobs and advance with experience.

Licensure Preparation

Students may wish to enroll in programs that prepare them for additional credentials, such as the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) general radiotelephone operator license. This license is required to repair radio transmitters in planes and ships.

Practical Experience

On-campus facilities with up-to-date training equipment are recommended for students at all academic levels. Programs that allow for work experience or internships within the curriculum could help students gain hands-on practice with radio repair, installation and maintenance. Because of the increasing complexity of radio and other communications equipment, students may also want to look for programs with training in computers.

Radio Repair Program Overviews

Certificate in Electronic Telecommunications

Certificate programs in electronic telecommunications may be completed in two or three semesters. The curriculum is typically concentrated, without electives or general education requirements, and coursework may include:

  • AC and DC currents
  • Digital circuits
  • Computer systems

Diploma in Electronic Technology

Diploma programs in electronic technology may be completed in one or one and a half years and offer a concentrated curriculum, similar to certificate programs. Coursework typically includes study of:

  • Wiring
  • Computer technology
  • Electrical codes
  • Safety

Associate Degree in Industrial Electronics

Associate degree programs in industrial electronics include general education courses as well as a variety of elective classes, which may be relevant to radio repair. Coursework may include:

  • Digital technology
  • Communications
  • Electrical installation
  • Digital circuits

Bachelor's Degree in Electronic Engineering

Bachelor's degree programs in electronic engineering feature general education courses in addition to core courses. The curriculum may also include laboratory experiences and student projects. Students complete advanced coursework in subjects such as:

  • Computer structures
  • Electromagnetic theory
  • Fiber optics communication

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