Schools with Solidworks Training Programs: How to Choose

SolidWorks is a 3D CAD (computer-aided design) software program used by digital designers and industrial engineers. SolidWorks courses are typically part of more broad drafting and design programs at the undergraduate level. For more information on these programs and the kinds of schools that offer them, read on.

How to Select a SolidWorks Training Program

Programs with Solidworks training can be found at many 2- and 4-year colleges. These programs typically lead to an associate's degree in computer-aided design or a bachelor's degree in industrial technology with a CAD emphasis.

List of Considerations

  • Area of interest
  • Online/on-campus options
  • Advising and collaboration

Area of Interest

SolidWorks is used in many types of drafting, including architectural, mechanical and industrial design. Mechanical design education focuses on physics and mechanical systems, while architectural design examines geometry and building designs. Associate's degree programs are available in all of these areas and others, so students should consider the field they wish to go into before committing to a program.

Online/On-Campus Options

Online and on-campus learning options are typically available; however, on-campus options allow students to use the school's computer labs and software and may help the student avoid the costs of purchasing software for personal learning and use.

Advising and Collaboration

Students may want to select programs that have advisors within the department, since these advisors may provide more effective guidance to the student's career path. Also, educational programs that allow students to workshop designs collaboratively can provide the hands-on training needed to gain entry-level employment after completing degree requirements.

SolidWorks Training Program Overviews

Associate of Applied Science in CAD

These are 2-year degree programs that focus on architectural design with a CAD specialization. Common coursework includes:

  • Mechanical drafting
  • Technical drawing and design
  • Engineering drafting
  • Intermediate SolidWorks design

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology

A 4-year degree program in industrial technology often provides a student the option to choose a CAD emphasis. The CAD track includes courses in:

  • SolidWorks
  • 3D modeling
  • Advanced drafting
  • Visual technical design

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