Schools with Speech Therapist Assistant Programs: How to Choose

Speech therapy assistants are commonly referred to as speech-language pathologist assistants (SLPAs). In a speech-language pathology assistant program, students learn how to screen patients and assist licensed speech pathologists in implementing treatment plans. Associate degree and certificate programs are offered in the field.

How to Select a Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant School

Individuals can receive training to become a speech-language pathologist assistant through certificate and associate degree programs. These may be located at both universities and community colleges through their human services and technology or health sciences departments.

These are some things to take into consideration when choosing a school:

  • Program flexibility may allow a student to take classes completely on campus or through distance learning programs, which may still require some on-site fieldwork and observation.
  • Schools adhering to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association guidelines can fully prepare students for state licensure exams.
  • Practical experience availability varies from school to school, so specific career paths may be limited at different schools.

Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant Program Overview

Associate Degree in Speech-Language Pathologist Assistance

Associate degree programs typically require two years of study and contain general education requirements in addition to speech pathologist coursework. Almost all programs, including online programs, require 20-25 hours of observation and two semesters of fieldwork. Courses for the speech pathologist major include:

  • Clinic management
  • Human development
  • Sign language

Certificates in Speech-Language Pathologist Assistance

Students who have already earned an associate or bachelor's degree can earn a certificate as a speech-language pathologist assistant. Sometimes, these certificates are awarded jointly with associate degrees. Certificate programs rarely contain more than one or two general education courses, but do have clinical and observation requirements. Courses that students take can include:

  • Phonetics
  • Patient screening
  • Assisting children with exceptional needs

10 Schools with Speech Therapist Assistant Programs

College/University Institution Type
Arizona State University - Tempe 4-yr, Public
Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute 2-yr, Public
Caribbean University - Bayamon 4-yr, Private not-for-profit
Caribbean University - Ponce 4-yr, Private not-for-profit
Charter Oak State College 4-yr, Public
Fayetteville Technical Community College 2-yr, Public
Kennebec Valley Community College 2-yr. Public
Manchester Community College 2-yr, Public
Mitchell Technical Institute 2-yr, Public
Oklahoma City Community College 2-yr, Public

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