Script Supervisor: Education Requirements and Career Information

Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a script supervisor. Get a quick view of the job duties as well as the education requirements and career information to find out if this is the career for you.

Essential Information

Individuals who work as script supervisors may be employed in the television and movie industries. They ensure the continuity of dialogue and storyline during the production of a movie, television show or play. A formal education is not required, but apprenticeships and certain qualities can help develop the skills needed for this occupation.

Career Titles Script Supervisors or Continuity Supervisors
Education Requirements Apprenticeship, on-the-job training or film school education
Recommended Skills Applicants must have excellent communication, organizational and writing abilities. They must be observant and detail-oriented.

Education Requirements

A formal degree is not required to become a script supervisor; on-the-job training or apprenticeships are a more common practice. However, script supervisors may enroll in a film school, attend workshops or become assistants to experienced script supervisors to learn this trade. These schools and workshops will teach individuals about industry-related topics such as pre-production, continuity, directorial styles, on-set protocol and blocking strategies for scenes. Also, individuals learn how to work with cameras, develop essential shots and deal with actor improvisation to scripts.

Becoming an assistant to an experienced script supervisor may provide valuable training and experience, including a hands-on understanding of the day-to-day challenges facing professional script supervisors. Individuals interested in this job should be strong communicators, and organized, observant, detail-oriented and responsible.

Career Information

A majority of the television and film industry is located in Los Angeles and New York, and aspiring script supervisors may have to relocate to find employment. The amount of work available for script supervisors varies greatly, and may depend on an individual's reputation, the extent of their contacts in the industry, the demand for script supervisors and the availability of projects. An option for script writers may be to seek work as television commercials to gain more experience and exposure.

Along with ensuring continuity and accuracy of a script, these workers also record information about each take. This includes the length of the scene, the take number, as well as notes on a variety of thing such as setting props, wardrobes, makeup and hairstyle.

The salaries of script supervisors are based by the job and experience. Some script supervisors are members of unions, which sets the wages for its members. Some script supervisors may work for production companies such as the International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees.

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