Taxidermy Online Schools: How to Choose

Taxidermists preserve dead animals in lifelike poses for display in places such as museums and private residences. Online programs in taxidermy are not commonly available, but students can find programs with online components or commercially offered classes through organizations formed specifically to teach taxidermy.

How to Choose an Online School for Taxidermy


  • Program type and availability
  • Degree format

Program Type and Availability

Partially online degree programs in taxidermy are available from a few colleges and other traditional learning institutions. These programs typically provide general education classes online, but require students to complete most taxidermy-specific requirements onsite.

Other programs offered by commercial organizations specifically focused on taxidermy education are also available in a fully online form. While these commercially offered programs are not degree-granting schools, they can provide sufficient entry-level training for prospective taxidermists. Prospective students who plan on seeking further education may wish to enroll in a program that awards college credit for classes that can apply towards a later degree.

Degree Format

Most education programs in taxidermy with online components are not fully online programs, but instead have online components. Some classes require students simply to watch weekly video presentations made available by the instructor. Alternatively, online classes are offered in a format in which students communicate with each other through forums and have flexible assignment and test due dates, but which follow much the same schedule and have many requirements that resemble traditional classes.

Online Program Options for Taxidermy

Partially Online Taxidermy Diploma Program

Partially online diploma programs in taxidermy typically include a few general education requirements and core classes related to taxidermy for specific types of animals. The general education classes can be taken online and are usually related to the business aspect of taxidermy work, such as applied mathematics, business management, computer skills and communications. The core classes are typically divided among animal types and cover:

  • Mammals
  • Fish
  • Birds

Online Taxidermy Training Program

Online, non-credit programs are also available from professional organizations. These fully online programs teach students through videos. Each program includes several sessions and, once enrolled, students have access to the videos for each session for one week. Students can sign up for a program specializing in:

  • Game heads
  • Fish
  • Birds
  • Small mammals
  • Coyotes

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