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Title Clerk Training Programs and Courses Overview

Most title clerks learn the specific skills they need on the job, but short training programs are available. Read ahead to get an idea of the coursework in these programs, and check the median salary, job outlook and continuing education opportunities for title clerks.

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Essential Information

A title clerk training program, which can last 1-2 months, covers procedures for routine record-keeping and recording of transaction details in businesses that require the transfer of written contracts or titles to establish ownership. Students learn to maintain title lists, report title information to supervisors and state authorities, process vehicle registrations and update manuals and sales lists. Title clerks are employed in the real estate, automotive and mining industries, but most stand-alone training programs are in the automotive industry.

Education Prerequisites

Participation in a title clerk training program requires a high school diploma or GED. Programs recommend that applicants have completed previous coursework in accounting, math, business or computers.

Program Coursework

Programs to train title clerks typically consist of one course that addresses multiple topics. The following are among those likely to be part of a title clerk course:

  • Contract preparation and submission
  • State title regulations
  • Record-keeping
  • Title research

Employment Outlook and Salary Info

People who complete a title clerk training program are qualified to work for car dealers or state department of motor vehicle (DMV) agencies as title clerks. However, many receive their training on the job. According to, title clerks earned median salaries of $27,941 as of October 2013.

Continuing Education Information

Title clerk training programs generally don't provide academic credit toward a certificate or degree. However, the skills gained in a training program coupled with work experience may facilitate a move into a position as a real estate title examiner, possibly in conjunction with a real estate course or courses.

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