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Title Examiner Courses and Classes Overview

Title examiners usually work for real estate and title insurance companies, researching records and documents to verify the legal status of land and whether it can be bought or sold. Keep reading to explore some of the courses that aspiring title examiners typically take.

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Essential Information

Many colleges and universities offer title examiner courses as part of associate or bachelor's degree programs in real estate or legal studies or through post-baccalaureate paralegal certificate programs. These types of programs generally contain coursework that covers the various facets of the real estate and legal industries, both of which are relevant to title examiners.

List of Common Courses

The list below contains the summaries of the most common types of courses for aspiring title examiners.

Real Estate Procedures Course

This course introduces students to the legal requirements of real estate transactions. Students learn the principles and concepts of real estate law, the recording of property transactions and the assessment of property taxes. This class analyzes real estate purchase agreements and contracts. Other topics discussed include deeds, encumbrances, foreclosures, liens and leases.

Legal Writing Course

In this course, people are introduced to the techniques used in writing legal documents, including legal briefs and memorandums, court documents and legal correspondences. Students learn how to write, edit and proofread reports based on legal style. This class examines the types of legal reference materials available, such as legal encyclopedias, case law, government publications and books. Individuals learn how to use legal libraries and how to properly cite legal resources.

Real Estate Transfer and Ownership Course

This course examines the fundamentals of real estate transactions and the process of buying, selling or owning real property. Topics such as sales agreements, financing options, indentures, deeds and settlements are covered. Also discussed are escrows, environmental issues, disclosures and the role of the real estate agency.

Legal Research Course

Participants in this course are taught the techniques and principles associated with conducting legal research. This class explores the categories of research materials used in law. Students learn to find and use secondary authorities, case la and statutes in their findings. Students also analyze research problems and prepare research reports. Computer-assisted research is also discussed.

Wills, Trusts and Estates Courses

Individuals are introduced to procedures and concepts used by paralegals in trusts, wills and estates. This course discusses the differences between probate and non-probate property, the execution of wills and the drafting of advance directives and trusts. Students learn about succession and about the appointment of a personal representative to oversee the handling of a will or trust. This course also explores the techniques used in informal and formal probate processing.

Paralegal Ethics Course

Students learn the principles and rules of personal conduct in the legal field. This course discusses the ethical guidelines used by paralegals and the problems that arise with the unauthorized practice of law. Additionally, this course examines such topics as conflicts of interests, confidentiality, solicitation, malpractice and competence. Individuals learn about the ethical conduct and professional integrity required of people working in the legal field.

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