Top Robotics Graduate Programs: List of Schools

Robotics is an interdisciplinary field that combines study of mechanical engineering, computers and business. Read about two of the top schools that offer graduate degree programs in robotics. Find out what makes these schools stand out, including degree options and school rankings.

School Overviews

Two highly ranked schools, Carnegie Mellon and the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor - offer graduate studies and research opportunities in robotics technologies. Master's degree programs in robotics typically provide preparation for practical application in the field, while doctoral programs emphasize theoretical concepts for those interested in academia or research careers. Each school provides different approaches in robotics study, giving you options based on your specific interests.

Best Schools for Graduate Programs in Robotics

1. Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) was named the best graduate computer science program by U.S. News & World Report in 2010. CMU's Robotics Institute opened its doors 30 years ago and offers many robotics research opportunities. Graduate students at CMU have several degree programs to choose from, including:

Master of Science in Robotics - This is a 2-year program that provides general instruction in the field and prepares students for further doctoral study.

Master of Science in Robotic Systems Development - Designed for those currently working in the field of robotics, this professional master's program is geared toward early-career students looking to learn business skills to advance a career.

Master of Science in Robotics Technology - Also a professional master's program for students experience in computer systems and/or software engineering, the robotics technology track provides theory and practical instruction in robotics.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Robotics - The Ph.D. program is a 5-6 year program that trains students to work in research and development that impacts the future of robotics.

2. University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

U.S. News and World Report ranked the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor's mechanical engineering program #5 in 2010. UM offers a Master of Engineering (M.E.) in Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles. The program is interdisciplinary with a focus on engineering and is geared toward students who want a career in commercial or military automotive robotics. Prospective robotics students can study and possibly intern at UM's Artificial Intelligence Lab. Coursework includes mechatronics, mobile robotics, artificial intelligence, aerospace, manufacturing and design.

Good Graduate Robotics Programs

College/University Name Distinction Location
Carnegie Mellon University Graduate students can join RoboOrg, the graduate student robotics club Pittsburgh, PA
Colorado School of Mines Hosts interdisciplinary Center For Automation, Robotics and Distributed Intelligence Golden, CO
Florida International University Robotics and Automation Laboratory available for student research projects Miami, FL
Georgia Institute of Technology School has received several National Robotics Initiative grants Atlanta, GA
Santa Clara University Santa Clara University robotics students operate satellites in cooperation with NASA Santa Clara, CA
University of California - Santa Barbara In 2012, 90% of mechanical engineering graduate students had full financial support Santa Barbara, CA
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor The Robotics Institute is a worldwide research hub for robotics Ann Arbor, MI
University of Pennsylvania Robotics laboratory has workspace for 70 students Philadelphia, PA
University of Utah Students can complete a robotics track as part of a master's or Ph.D. in computing or engineering Salt Lake City, UT
Worcester Polytechnic Institute First college in the U.S. to offer graduate robotics engineering programs Worcester, MA

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