Top Schools for Auditing

Read about degree programs in auditing, through which students learn how to examine financial records for corporations or individuals. See what three top universities offer in terms of degree options and reputation, and find a list of other schools that offer programs for auditors.

School Overview

Students who are interested in becoming professional auditors can find undergraduate or graduate programs at two Midwestern regional schools, including Bradley University and Eastern Michigan University. DePaul University, the third school featured below, is a national university that offers an undergraduate program in accountancy.

1. Bradley University in Peoria, IL

School Highlight: The Department of Accounting at Bradley University houses 200 students who are taught by professionals in the field, including seven faculty members who hold PhDs.

At the university, undergraduate students can pursue an accounting program with a major or minor in internal auditing. Once enrolled, students learn how to help businesses and companies find and solve financial problems. They also develop their knowledge of sales, risk management, fraud investigation and accounting. Courses within this program include topics in internal auditing, professional interviewing and computer-assisted auditing techniques. A M.S. in Accounting is also available, in addition to an integrated M.S. in Accounting program.

2. Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, MI

School Highlight: The College of Business at Eastern Michigan University supports the economic development of a particular region in Michigan in their preparing students to apply themselves within the business community.

The university offers accounting degrees at the undergraduate and graduate level. Graduate coursework includes training in information systems and audit control, professional internal auditing and fraud examination. Graduate certificates are also available in various areas of study, such as Business Administration, Finance, Management and Supply Chain Management.

3. DePaul University in Chicago, IL

School Highlight: Depaul's College of Business proffers business opportunities post-graduation that are abundant and proliferate.

At the university's College of Business, students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy while receiving instruction in internal auditing. Along with developing auditing skills, students learn about basic accounting techniques and business management principles. DePaul University also offers majors in management information systems, finance and economics. These aforementioned areas of study are also available as minors, in addition to MBA concentrations in accountancy, applied economics, finance, management information systems and operations management.

Top Auditing Programs

School Name Distinction Location
CUNY Bernard M Baruch College College of Professional and Continuing Studies offers a degree in forensic accounting New York, NY
University of Tennessee Undergraduate finance, logistics and marketing majors offer concentrations in internal auditing Knoxville, TN
University of Washington - Seattle Campus Graduate program in auditing Seattle, WA

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