Top Schools for Residency Programs

Learn which top schools offer medical residency programs, a specialized period of training that typically takes place at an academic hospital or medical center and lasts for 3-7 years. Take a look at summaries of three leading universities, as well as an overview of other options for medical residents.

School Information

After completing medical school, new doctors participate in specialized residency programs in areas like emergency or internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery or oncology and more. Individual programs may be accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. Here are some of the top schools for residency programs, listed below.

1. Harvard University in Boston, MA

School Highlight: This school offers various residency programs, in a multitude of areas of study.

Although Harvard Medical School does not have its own teaching hospital, it is affiliated with 17 hospitals and medical centers, including Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). Harvard's internal medicine residency program in particular is affiliated with various hospitals, including MGH. Other residency programs at Harvard Medical School include orthopedics, psychiatry, radiation oncology and plastic surgery.

2. University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA

School Highlight: This school, with over 800 medical students, houses a faculty of 2,000 for its medical students.

The school is the oldest medical school in the country with a teaching hospital and offers a pediatric residency in 19 subspecialties. The programs are taught by national and international specialists in their fields.

Additional programs include residencies in emergency medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine and ophthalmology, among other specializations. Residents complete their training at area medical facilities, including the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Hospital, Pennsylvania Presbyterian Medical Center and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Top Universities with Residency Programs

School Name Distinction Location
Johns Hopkins University Offers nearly 30 medical residency programs Baltimore, MD
Stanford University Comprehensive plastic and reconstructive surgery program includes cosmetic surgery, microsurgery and burn care Stanford, CA
University of California, Los Angeles Offers a urology residency, within a department that is ranked #3 in country, as of 2016, according to U.S. World & News Report Los Angeles, CA
University of Chicago Emergency medicine residency takes place in three different level-one trauma centers Chicago, IL

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