Top Schools with Forensic Anthropology Graduate Programs in the U.S.

Learn about school rankings for two top schools with forensic anthropology graduate programs. Find out about the program requirements and research facilities at these schools.

School Overviews

Boston University and Mercyhurst College offer master's programs that focus on hands-on research in forensic anthropology. The Boston University program is offered through its medical school, where students have access to many medically-related research facilities. The Mercyhurst College program is offered through its archaeological institute and students have the option of concentrating in forensic and biological anthropology.

1. Boston University School of Medicine in Massachusetts

Ranked 34th in U.S. News and World Report's 2010 review of medical schools, Boston University School of Medicine offers a master's program in forensic anthropology. Students can practice investigation skills, forensic photography, skeletal remains recovery and mapping techniques at the school's 32-acre outdoor research facility and human gross anatomy lab. Additionally, students can conduct their thesis research at these facilities. The program requires completing 42 credits, including 13 required courses that focus on technique and procedure, human anatomy, death investigation, research, osteology and witness testimony.

2. Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania

Mercyhurst College holds the 67th place among regional universities in the North, according to U.S. News and World Report in 2010. The Archaeological Institute at Mercyhurst offers a Master of Science in Anthropology with a concentration in forensic and biological anthropology. This is a traditional 2-year master's program, and students take a 3-day comprehensive exam at the end of their first year. A thesis is required by the end of the second year.

Throughout the two years of instruction, students become skilled in the five educational objectives of the program, including forensic archaeology, forensic osteology, skeletal trauma analysis, forensic taphonomy, biostatistics and data analysis. These objectives are reinforced through field experience and laboratory training.

List of Good U.S. Schools with Forensic Anthropology Graduate Programs

School Name DistinctionLocation
Boston University Outdoor research facility available for forensics students to conduct research projects Boston, MA
California State University - Chico Graduate students work in the school's Human Identification Laboratory to perform forensic anthropological analysis for police organizations Chico, CA
Mercyhurst College Forensic Science Club and Anthropology Club available for students Erie, PA
Michigan State University Students have research and internship opportunities at the nearby Michigan State Police Forensic Science Division East Lansing, MI
University of Florida Graduate students intern at the District Medical Examiner's Offices in Gainesville and Miami Gainesville, FL

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