Top Schools with Specialized Sales Programs

Find out which top schools offer specialized sales programs, including majors in business and studies in professional selling. Read about the program options at three universities, and find a table that lists other schools in the U.S. that provide specialized training in sales.

School Overviews

Specialized sales programs are typically offered through bachelor's degree programs in business, particularly those with concentrations in marketing or sales. Stand-out programs can be found at Baylor University, Western Michigan University and the University of Central Florida. Once enrolled at one of these schools, students may have the chance to join campus sales organizations, receive professional mentoring and participate in sales competitions.

1. Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI

School Highlight: One of the best sales learning centers in the country, Western Michigan houses the Harold Ziegler Interactive Sales Lab, where business marketing majors can access the lab for further instruction in their field.

The Department of Marketing at Western Michigan University (WMU) offers a sales and business marketing (SBM) major. Program emphasis is on professional sales and negotiation. Many students join the Sales and Business Marketing Association, a campus-based organization that facilitates internships and jobs with industry professionals.

2. University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL

School Highlight: Only accredited business college in Orlando with undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

The University of Central Florida (UCF), which is based in one of the largest economic centers of Florida, offers a 12-credit hour Professional Selling and Sales Management Certificate program for students pursuing a BSBA in Marketing.

3. Baylor University in Waco, TX

School Highlight: The university's selling program is dedicated to excellence in the field as a global resource for information in the sales profession.

Baylor University includes the Center for Professional Selling (CPS). The CPS provides a major in Professional Selling (BBA), teaching students about basic selling, managing customer relationships and strategic decision-making.

Top Specialized Sales Programs

School Name Distinction Location
Central Michigan University Minor in professional sales is available to all students Mount Pleasant, MI
Florida State University Major in professional sales is offered through the Sales Institute at the College of Business Tallahassee, FL
University of Akron Certificate in Professional Selling Akron, OH
Utah State University B.A. in Interior Design, Sales and Marketing provides focused sales education in furnishings and design Logan, UT

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