Waiter and Waitress School and Training Program Information

Waiters and waitresses can find hospitality training at vocational schools and community colleges. However, training is more commonly provided by employers, including classroom and on-the-job training.

Educational Requirements

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports there are no educational requirements for waiters and waitresses. Employers prefer to hire applicants with a high school diploma, while fast food restaurants may not have such requirements. Many fast food restaurant chains offer training to new employees through audio and visual presentations.

Higher Education Options

Waiters and waitresses can pursue a hospitality service certificate through community colleges and trade schools. Though such a certificate is rarely required, it may give job seekers an edge in the market. The programs are typically about 36 credit hours. The programs focus on customer service, food training, sanitation, knowledge of spirits and beer and wine service.

Adult education classes provide training for waiters and waitresses in a variety of skills. Some of the courses in adult education are food safety courses and customer service. They typically take place over several classes with a flexible attendance schedule.

Job Description

Waiters and waitresses work in the food and beverage industry. They take customer orders, serve meals and provide customer service as needed. They are trained to handle food safely, observe food safety rules and ensure tables and chairs are properly sanitized and cleaned. Some jobs may require waiters and waitresses to greet customers and escort them to a table, providing menus and beverage lists.

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