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Top School in Henderson, NV, with Web Design Degree Programs

Students interested in studying Web design in Henderson, NV, have only a few schools to choose from. Read about a top local school's degree programs and tuition info to find the right program for you.

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School Information

All schools located directly in Henderson, NV, with Web design programs are for-profit institutions. Based on distinction, school type and student population, the following college is considered a top school in the Henderson area for Web design programs:

  • Winner: The College of Southern Nevada is the largest school within 20 miles of Henderson and the only public institution in the area that provides Web design studies. Students can earn a certificate or associate's degree in this field of study.

School Info Chart

Category College of Southern Nevada
Distinction Largest higher education institution in Nevada*
Location Las Vegas, Nevada
School Type 4-year, public
Tuition & Fees (2013-2014)Undergrad: $2,700 (in-state); $9,345 (out-of-state)**
Web Design Programs Offered Certificate and associate's degree
Web Design Certificates and Degrees Awarded (all levels) in 2012-201311**
Most Popular Web Design Award in 2012-2013 Associate's degree (10 awarded)**
Undergraduate Graduation Rate (in 150% of normal degree time) for 2007 Entering Class9% (only 17% of entering students were considered 'full-time, first-time' in 2013)**
Noteworthy Continually changing graphic communications curriculum allows studies to remain consistent with advances in technology and the industry

Sources: *College of Southern Nevada; **NCES College Navigator

The College of Southern Nevada

  • Students are taught on industry-standard applications
  • Web design studies incorporate classroom instruction with hands-on projects
  • Students have unscheduled access to open lab computers in Interactive Learning Centers

The College of Southern Nevada is a public, 2-year school with more than 34,000 students enrolled each year. The main campus is located approximately 16 miles from Henderson in Las Vegas, though the college does maintain a campus in Henderson. Within the college is the School of Advanced and Applied Technologies, which, through the Department of Media Technologies, offers academic programs in Web design. The graphic communications program offers students the option to concentrate in areas such as Web design. Both associate degree and certificate programs are offered.

The Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Communications program offers a Web design emphasis, where students will have the opportunity to study Web animation and interactivity. Students use digital tools for creative production, and graduates should be able to create vector and bitmap graphics, assemble Web pages and produce interactive Web content. Students must complete a series of core courses, including graphic communications, design, electronic imagining and illustration. Students also have the opportunity to study Web animation and interactivity.

The 33-credit Certificate of Achievement in Graphic Communication with a Web design emphasis is designed for students interested in the basics of Web design. Students earning this certificate learn how to use digital tools such as electronic imaging, design software and computer graphics.

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