What Can You Do With a Masters in Kinesiology?

Students of kinesiology often work in the athletic training and education fields. Master's-level programs in kinesiology often feature degree concentration areas, which may lead to more specialized careers post-graduation.

Kinesiology Career Paths

Kinesiology is the study of body movement, and it has applications in physical education and athletic training. Graduates of kinesiology programs may work as athletic trainers in health clubs or schools, while others work as physical education teachers at K-12 schools and summer camps. Alternatively, kinesiology graduates may choose to work in sports administration in a school or business setting. Sports administrators take on a more managerial role within training and physical education. Those who choose sports administration often work at schools as athletic directors or in the private industry as sports marketers for sales or sponsorship.

Master's Degree in Kinesiology

A master's degree program in kinesiology often takes two years of full-time work. Some programs may be as short as 14 months if they involve summer classes. Required coursework might include the motor development, teaching methodologies, athletic training, related legal issues and a thesis project. At the master's degree level, there are often several concentration areas from which students can choose.

Athletic Training Concentration

This concentration is designed for students who would like to work in training, therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation. Students may be required to work in clinics, helping patients who've suffered sports injuries or those who simply want to be in better shape. Many graduates of these programs pursue jobs working in high schools and colleges.

Physical Education Concentration

This specialization is meant for those who wish to teach others about fitness and sports, such as at the elementary, middle or secondary school level. Students in this program may seek to enhance their teaching, coaching, administration and other career-related competencies.

Sports Administration Concentration

This emphasis may often be taken online and helps build leadership, marketing, sales and sponsorship skills. It's expected that most students of this program are currently or previously have been employed in sports administration.

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