What Jobs Can You Get With A Bachelor of Science IN Zoology?

Employment opportunities for zoology professionals holding a bachelor's degree exist at a number of facilities, including zoos, pharmaceutical companies, museums, laboratories and hatcheries. Job titles tend to vary, however, depending upon area of specialization.

Career Options for Graduates Who Hold a Bachelor of Science in Zoology

Graduates of Bachelor of Science programs in zoology tend to work for medical laboratories, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, museums, wildlife rehabilitation centers, hatcheries, agricultural departments, environmental agencies and colleges and universities. Because zoology is such a broad field, the types of jobs zoology majors can obtain are numerous.

Career Description

Zoologists are often known by the branch of zoology they specialize in. For example, those who study the origins, life processes and behaviors of birds are known as ornithologists. Those who study the origins, life processes and behaviors of reptiles and amphibians are known as herpetologists. Other job titles include zookeeper, animal caretaker, veterinary technologist and technician, environmental consultant, technical writer, biology teacher and research and laboratory technician.


A career in zoology typically begins by taking college coursework in subjects such as animal psychology and behavior, genetics, ecology, biology, chemistry, calculus, statistics and physics. Zoology majors often select an area of concentration or specialization. This specialization is often by animal groups. Zoologists may also specialize in a particular area, such as genetics, cellular biology or environmental science.


According to PayScale.com, general zoologists earned a median salary of $45,000, according to March 2014 reports. Salary, however, can vary depending upon a number of factors, including job title. Examples of these options are below:

  • Veterinary technologists and technicians: $30,618
  • Medical laboratory technicians: $36,454

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