Where to Find Free Apple Computer Courses, Seminars and Tutorials

See our list of top free online Apple computer courses, seminars and tutorials. Learn about what courses are available and what topics they cover to find the course that's right for you.

Online Apple Course Information and Requirements

Apple computer users - from first-time owners to veteran users - can take advantage of free online course materials and tutorials. Learning opportunities are available through OpenCourseWare (OCW) programs and even from Apple itself. Free online instruction on using Apple computers and products is usually conducted through a combination of Web-based step-by-step tutorials, screen shots and videos. Learners may need to download specialized software in order to view video content. Users utilizing this content receive no academic credits or grades. In addition, online learners who participate in these lessons can't interact with other students or instructors.

List of Free Apple Tutorials and Courses Online

Computer Applications for Instruction and Training at Utah State University

These OCW course materials are intended to familiarize novice users with Apple's Macintosh computer. Students can access lecture outlines, assignments and video tutorials that cover Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe GoLive and Apple's iMovie. Obtaining the necessary hardware, software and peripherals, such as digital video cameras or compatible computers, is the responsibility of the student. Course materials also include links to related resources for independent learning.

Computer Basics at GCFLearnFree.org

The computer basics course covers a wide range of topics from getting to know the computer to troubleshooting techniques. Apple owners (or those hoping to become Apple owners) can find many useful tips in this free course, which includes videos, text and interactive pictures. They learn about netbooks, buttons, iCloud and various Web applications.

Introduction to Macs for PC Users at the University of Texas at Austin

In this free lesson, computer users with no Mac-based experience can get help using Apple computers and their standard software applications. They also become familiar with external storage devices and learn Mac keyboard shortcuts. Course materials include text-based lessons and screen shots, as well as video content. Students can access individual lessons or view or download the entire tutorial.

Music Composing in GarageBand at Stanford University

This text- and screen shot-based tutorial shows learners how to manipulate or edit tracks, create a project and add loops. Students also learn to work with multiple tracks. Instructions for exporting files are also included, along with help menus and additional Apple video tutorials.

iMovie '11: Share Your Movie - Publish to Video Sharing Sites at Apple

This short video tutorial, hosted on Apple's website, features instructions for using the company's iMovie '11 software program. Users learn how to share iMovie videos from their computer and troubleshooting techniques.

iPad Basics at GCFLearnFree.org

In this free resource, students learn about basic iPad operation and become familiar with iTunes, iCloud, Siri and other features of the iPad. They also learn about the App Store. The course, which includes text lessons, images and videos, also covers Wi-Fi, security and working with general settings.

iTunes 10: Download and Install iTunes at Apple

A free video tutorial expressly for Apple's iTunes software program, this material offers instructions for downloading and installing iTunes. The tutorial also includes help for users who need to update their current installation of iTunes.

iTunes 10: Get New Music at Apple

Apple provides a free online video tutorial that shows users how to search for iTunes music and other content. It also includes advice on selecting and purchasing single songs, whole albums and gift certificates.

Mac OS X Lion at GCFLearnFree.org

Students can explore Apple's new OS X Lion operating system through a number of lessons, interactive materials and videos. Upgrading to Mac OS X Lion and using functions like the mission control, dock and launchpad are covered, along with adjusting computer settings. Learners also become familiar with new features in Mountain Lion. A self-assessment quiz is also available under the 'Extras' tab.

Mac OS X Mountain Lion at GCFLearnFree.org

Learners become familiar with the Mas OS X Mountain Lion, Apple's latest operating system, and its many features. Through text lessons, videos and interactive images, they learn about the share button, notification center, iCloud and finder. There's also a segment on Apple apps.

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