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Assertiveness Training Program Information

Assertiveness is a personality trait that reflects and projects strength and confidence. Assertiveness training programs and workshops are often sponsored through colleges, community service centers and professional organizations.

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Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness training is often recommended to people by self-help professionals as a means to communicate one's rights, desires, opinions and needs. This type of training is advantageous to many backgrounds, and there are typically no requirements or restrictions. Upon program completion, participants are able to express themselves clearly, concisely and powerfully without feelings of aggression or fear of rejection.

Formal Education

College counseling centers often sponsor assertiveness training courses. These programs consist of small group sessions and usually require 1-2 hour sessions for a period of 1-2 months.

Course Content

Assertiveness training includes instruction on gestures and oral techniques; personal video tape recordings and role-playing are often integrated for learning and critiquing purposes. Individuals learn to identify negative speaking patterns and respond to antagonistic addresses in a calm, collected manner. Specific techniques in assertiveness training and conflict handling include body language, negative inquiry, negotiation, fogging, repetition and verbalization. Developing assertive skills helps improve an individual's self-image and imparts confidence, and assertiveness training often benefits a person's professional, social and romantic life.

Job Experience

Everyday individuals who need help with overly passive or aggressive behavior, including young adults, women and men, can pursue assertiveness training. Business professionals, such as contract negotiators, managers, entrepreneurs, consultants and analysts, are some common participants who benefit from the learned skills. Nursing, teaching and other field-specific professions are additional careers where workers might seek assertiveness training.

Workshops and Seminars

Business organizations, such as the American Management Association (, sponsor fee-based workshops in assertiveness training. These workshops usually last for several days, and a few are specialized for certain demographics, such as businesswomen and managers. Some schools and adult development centers sponsor 1-2 hour seminars on assertiveness training. Local mental health professionals also provide assertiveness training through one-time seminars and workshops.

Professional Development

Individuals interested in learning more about assertive behavior read books or articles on the subject. The Internet provides additional information through assertiveness training discussion forums and demonstration videos.

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