List of Audio Technician Schools in the U.S.

Audio technicians or sound engineers are employed by companies in many different industries, often including film and video, theater, live music, studio recording and corporate events. Prospective students who wish to enter into the field have the option of choosing between an associate's or a bachelor's degree program in audio technology.

How to Choose an Audio Technician School

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( reports that a formal education in sound engineering or audio technology is not a prerequisite for many entry-level positions in the field. However, a degree in audio technology can help an audio tech to more quickly move into positions of responsibility. Currently, prospective students have the option of completing either an associate's or a bachelor's degree in audio technology.

Requiring two years of full-time study, an associate's degree program in audio technology introduces students to important concepts in the field. Classes in areas like sound recording, post-production sound, music performance and sound and acoustics, provide students with a solid foundation in music and audio theory.

In contrast, a bachelor's degree program in sound technology is much more thorough and requires four years of full-time study to complete. Core courses cover studio management, digital audio workstations, audio technology theory, sound synthesis and production mixing and mastering. Many courses have laboratory components that require students to complete studio projects. Since the fields of computer science and physics are related to audio technology, some universities may allow students to complete a minor in one of these subject areas.

An audio technician must be comfortable inside a studio and knowledgeable about the recording equipment available. Keeping this in mind, a prospective student must ensure that his or her school has studios that are well-equipped with the latest technologies. A community college or a university that only has outdated studios and recording equipment can potentially hinder a graduate's professional development and ability to secure employment.

List of Schools by Student Population

College/UniversityStudent PopulationInstitution Type
Indiana University-Bloomington 40,354 4-year, Public
American River College 34,610 2-year, Public
Texas State University - San Marcos 29,105 4-year, Public
Long Beach City College 26,927 2-year, Public
Sacramento City College 26,128 2-year, Public
Fresno City College 24,783 2-year, Public
Orange Coast College 24,742 2-year, Public
Mesa Community College 23,825 2-year, Public
Cerritos College 23,236 2-year, Public
Cuyahoga Community College District 23,234 2-year, Public
Fullerton College 22,068 2-year, Public
Southwestern College 22,030 2-year, Public
Chaffey College 20,304 2-year, Public
Los Angeles Valley College 19,542 2-year, Public
Foothill College 19,485 2-year, Public
San Diego City College 18,637 2-year, Public
Glendale Community College 18,228 2-year, Public
Mt. San Jacinto Community College District 15,924 2-year, Public
CUNY LaGuardia Community College 15,540 2-year, Public
Golden West College 13,961 2-year, Public

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