Baltimore County, MD Adult Education Programs with Schools Info

Baltimore County, MD, offers several options for adult education. Adult students may take courses at any of the colleges in the area. Read on to learn more about some program options.

Education Centers and Programs

Community colleges and adult education centers in Baltimore offer students a variety of adult education options. Some programs help students reach educational milestones, such as high school completion or English literacy. Others train students to work in different industries and may help students earn certification or licensure in their field. Individual courses are also available. Baltimore City College and the South Baltimore Learning Center, outlined below, offer specific programs that cater to adult learners, specializing in high school completion and career preparation.

Baltimore City Community College's Adult Education Programs

The Business and Continuing Education Division of Baltimore City Community College offers a high school diploma program and ESL, employment skills and computer classes. The school partners with government programs and local businesses to provide students with work experience.

Health Care Training Courses

A variety of health care job training courses are available preparing students for immediate employment in various aspects of the health care industry, from office work to lab technician positions. Coursework prepares students to become medical coders, pharmacy technicians, nursing assistants, phlebotomy technicians and multi-skilled medical technicians.

Professional Certification and Licensure Courses

These certification courses prepare adults for a variety of employment and business ventures. Course options include real estate, a course in home improvement contractor exam preparation, Maryland daycare certification, First Aid and CPR.

Adult Basic Education Program

Flexible programs offering day, weekend and evening classes are available throughout Baltimore County and Maryland for adults who want to earn their high school diploma or take the GED. Students have access to language and computer laboratories.

Citizenship Preparation Classes

These classes prepare adults with the English skills and civics education needed to pass the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services naturalization interview. Students learn interviewing skills and gain practice reading and writing in English.

Professional Development and Leadership Courses

Instruction is offered in blogging, small business website creation, business writing, effective communication and conflict resolution. Courses are taught through the Business and Continuing Education Division.

Contact Information

  • Address: 2901 Liberty Heights Ave., Baltimore, MD 21215
  • Phone Number: (410) 462-8000

South Baltimore Learning Center's Adult Education Programs

South Baltimore Learning Center is a non-profit organization which offers Baltimore County adults literacy and life skills training, a high school completion program and career preparation courses. The center was founded in 1988 and now serves hundreds of adults yearly.

Adult Basic Education Program

Adults receive instruction in preparation for the GED. The program aims to enhance students' employability and eligibility for college.

Basic Literacy Tutoring

One-on-one tutoring is available to students in basic reading and writing skills. Tutoring is provided by trained community volunteers.

External Diploma Program

This program allows adults to apply their own work experience and life skills toward a Maryland high school diploma.

Community Technology Courses

Coursework provides students with basic computer and Internet skills. Students have access to computer labs and academic counseling.

Career and Employment Counseling

Counseling is available for adult students needing help with job searches and career choices. The program is open to both current students and alumni of the center.

Contact Information

  • Address: 28 East Ostend St., Baltimore, MD 21230
  • Phone Number: (410) 625-4215

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