Bangor, Maine (ME) Colleges and Universities

There are four schools located in Bangor, Maine, and two additional schools in a 31-mile radius. Read about the schools with the lowest net price, highest graduation rate, and other characteristics to find the school for you.

A handful of postsecondary options are available near Bangor, Maine. To help students make an informed academic decision, we look at the traditional institutions in the area using information gathered from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

Closest Schools to Bangor, Maine

If proximity to downtown Bangor is a priority for students, there are several options in or near downtown. The closest schools to Bangor are an even split of 2-year (or less) and 4-year institutions.

  • Beal College (located downtown)
  • Eastern Maine Community College (located downtown)
  • Husson University (located downtown)
  • University of Maine (7.7 miles from downtown)
  • Unity College (31.0 miles from downtown)

Largest Schools Near Bangor, Maine

The largest schools near Bangor could be considered relatively small compared to other areas. Public schools tend to be the largest schools in the area, with a couple even offering graduate programs.

  • University of Maine (11,286 students)
  • Eastern Maine Community College (2,613 students)
  • Unity College (601 students)
  • Beal College (429 students)

Lowest Net Price

The NCES calculates a school's average cost by subtracting the average amount of financial aid a student receives from the total cost to attend the school. Financial aid included in this calculation may derive from the government, the school or both. Net price figures in the Bangor area ranged from about $9,500 to $21,000 for the 2014-2015 school year for full-time undergraduate students, which is the most recent calculation available from the NCES.

  • Eastern Maine Community College ($9,562)
  • Beal College ($12,235)
  • University of Maine ($15,958)
  • Husson University ($18,474)
  • Unity College ($21,880)

Highest Graduation Rates

The NCES determines a school's overall graduation rate by identifying the number of full-time undergraduate students who completed their program of study within 150% of the normal amount of time. For example, students who completed a 4-year degree in six years or less are included in the graduation rate figure. Most of the Bangor area schools had graduation rates around 50% for 2015.

  • University of Maine (55% graduation rate)
  • Unity College (54% graduation rate)
  • Husson University (47% graduation rate)
  • Beal College (29% graduation rate)
  • Eastern Maine Community College (25% graduation rate)

There's a small number of traditional public and private schools near Bangor, ME, but they do offer variety in location, size, price, and graduation rates for students.

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