Banking Certification, Diploma and Certificate Program Information

Certifications and diplomas in banking vary in curriculum. General banking diploma students concentrate on mathematics and communications courses, but students may choose a specialization which encompasses more industry-specific studies.

Essential Information

A general banking diploma program is designed for individuals who have some experience in the banking industry but would like to broaden their banking knowledge and advance to middle management positions.

  • Program Levels: Diploma and certification
  • Prerequisites: High school diploma, customer service and cash handling experience, strong math and English grades
  • Program Specializations: Personal banker, bank teller, bank operations, commercial lending

Diploma or Certificate in Banking

Many technical schools, colleges, and universities offer diploma and certificate programs. Banking diploma programs cover the banking industry, the economy, ethics in banking, legal standards, and trends. While there are specialty diploma and certificate programs (such as bank teller), diploma programs give entry-level candidates fundamental banking knowledge about basic operations, accounting, customer relations and compliance issues. The American Bankers Association, ABA (, also offers certificate and diploma programs in banking topics, some of which are designed for current bank professionals; other ABA programs are more focused on entry-level skills. Possible courses include:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Business communications
  • Banking and the law
  • Consumer credit
  • Ethics in banking

Popular Career Options

Work experience and a diploma in general banking may result in more opportunities in the banking industry for graduates. Possible careers include head teller, new accounts clerk, and customer service representative.

Continuing Education Information

Upon completion of a banking diploma program, graduates may seek other diploma or certification programs in specialty areas such as small business banking, bank marketing, and mortgage lending. These programs are available through trade organizations, colleges, and some universities.

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