Free Biochemistry Classes Online by Top Universities and Colleges

Top schools and universities offer free online coursework in various topics through a program called opencourseware (OCW). First developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the programs offer much of the same material as a paid course at a traditional college. However, a person does not earn college credit for these free online courses.

Free Online Biochemistry Classes Offered at Top Universities and Colleges

Opencourseware was developed with the mission of sharing information and helping people improve their minds. Many countries around the world are following the guidelines originally conceived by MIT. Almost any topic of interest can be learned free of charge online, from French to biochemistry. The following top universities and colleges have OCW programs for a person seeking training in biochemistry.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT offers an undergraduate biochemistry laboratory course. Lecture notes are provided on the major concepts of biochemistry, kinetics, chemical thermodynamics, chemical equilibrium and mystery proteins. The program focuses on the analytical methods used to dissect biological issues. Students study the structure of proteins in the regulatory, catalytic and binding stages.

The University of Arizona

The University of Arizona offers The Biology Project, which consists of several free biochemistry courses online. Students review the basics of biochemistry, including molecules, amino acids, the clinical correlates of pH levels, acids and bases, enzymes and metabolism. The courses provide problem sets and tests for students to assess how well they know the presented material.

The University of Arizona has recently expanded its offerings to include the chemistry of amino acids. Other OCW courses are large molecules and energy reactions.

University of Akron

The University of Akron offers introductory biochemistry and biochemistry concepts undergraduate courses. These lessons cover different areas of biochemistry, including alpha helix protein, acetyl co-enzyme A, amylase, beta sheet protein, collagen, hammerhead ribozyme, heme and FAD. An interesting feature of the site is an interactive collection of animated files that display molecules being rotated so students can observe their components. The site also includes a chemical database and a periodic table of elements.

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