BSN Schools and Colleges in the U.S.

To become a registered nurse (RN) in the U.S., individuals must first complete a program at an accredited university, college or hospital. An associate's degree or diploma is typically the minimum educational requirement for earning licensure as a registered nurse. However, many individuals choose to attend a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program to gain a greater understanding of healthcare theory, nursing administration an research.

How to Select a BSN School

Aspiring nursing students should take stock of their educational backgrounds before enrolling in a BSN program. For example, a high school graduate who is interested in nursing can enroll in a traditional 4-year BSN program. A student who already holds an associate's degree or diploma in nursing, and is a registered nurse (RN), may enroll as an RN to BSN. A student who already holds a bachelor's degree in a non-nursing field may enroll in an accelerated BSN program to take only core nursing classes.

Other important factors to consider include the following:

  • Any student who is interested in enrolling in a BSN degree program should first make sure that the program is properly accredited through organizations such as the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission.
  • The location of the school and its proximity to clinical sites is also an important factor, as this effects where students are able to complete their required rotation.
  • If a student would like to continue on to graduate school after completing their BSN, they may want to select a school that offers a BSN to MSN degree program.

Top 10 BSN Schools

College/University Institution Type
Columbia University 4-year, Private not-for-profit
New York University 4-year, Private not-for-profit
Georgetown University 4-year, Private not-for-profit
Molloy College 4-year, Private not-for-profit
University of Pennsylvania 4-year, Private not-for-profit
University of California - Los Angeles 4-year, Public
Johns Hopkins University 4-year, Private not-for-profit
Simmons College 4 year, Private not-for-profit
Drexel University 4 year, Private not-for-profit
Quinnipiac University 4 year, Private not-for-profit

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