Building Construction Schools and Colleges with Program Overviews

Many community colleges offer 2-year degree programs in building construction management, which may also be referred to as building construction technology. A 4-year undergraduate degree in construction management goes into greater depth on management and technology topics relating to the construction industry. Classes focus on topics like construction technology, cost management and safety.

How to Choose a Building Construction School or College

The prospective student must first match schools with the degree level they are seeking. An associate's degree program prepares students for entry-level positions in construction management, while a bachelor's degree equips graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive at larger construction sites in a managerial capacity. The availability of hands-on training and internships as well as location and availability of online courses may play a big part in selecting a school.

Consider these things when choosing a building construction school or college:

  • Degree level - Do you want a 2-year associate's or a 4-year bachelor's degree?
  • Career goals - An associate's degree program is sufficient for entry-level positions, but a bachelor's degree programs could prepare you for managerial positions at larger construction sites.
  • Cost - Public universities and community colleges in your state of residence may offer significant cost advantages.
  • Internships - Building construction is largely a hands-on program, and on-the-job experience can be a great advantage.
  • Special interest areas - If you are interested in subjects like 'green' technology or environmentally friendly building, seek a program that has a concentration in that area.

10 Schools with Building Construction Programs

College/University Institution Type
Wentworth Institute of Technology 4-year, Private
York Technical College 2-year, Public
Palo Verde College 2-year, Public
Santa Barbara City College 2-year, Public
Idaho State University 4-year, Public
North Dakota State College of Science 2-year, Public
City College of San Francisco 2-year, Public
University of Wisconsin 4-year, Public
New England Institute of Technology 4-year, Private
Auburn University 4-year, Public

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