Building Maintenance Certification and Certificate Program Info

To learn the skills needed to become a building maintenance technician, students can complete a building maintenance certificate program. These certificate programs generally take one year or less to complete and are offered by community and technical colleges throughout the United States.

Essential Information

Building maintenance technicians maintain and manage a variety of systems in residential, industrial and commercial buildings. In some cases, credits earned in a certificate program can be applied toward an associate's degree in building maintenance. Graduates are prepared to work as building maintenance technicians in places such as apartment complexes, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, corporate facilities and other large buildings.

  • Program Length: Less than one year
  • Other Requirements: Some states require licensure to become a technician

Certificate Program in Building Maintenance

The curriculum of a building maintenance certificate program focuses on teaching students to maintain plumbing, air conditioning, heating, electrical and power systems. Program coursework includes:

  • General and preventive maintenance
  • Basic plumbing
  • Electricity principles
  • Basic welding
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning systems
  • Boiler systems repair

Employment Outlook and Salary Info

Since schools, hospitals, hotels and other buildings are always in need of maintenance, job growth for general maintenance and repair workers is expected to be 9% between 2012 and 2022, reports the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), (www.bls.gov). In May 2014, the mean hourly wage for general maintenance and repair workers was $18.46, according to the BLS. Salaries generally vary depending on the types of buildings in which one performs maintenance duties.

Continuing Education and Licensing Information

Though no particular certifications are needed to be a building maintenance technician, state licensure may apply in some areas, such as plumbing or electrical. Some states require that individuals have a license to maintain and repair boiler systems. Knowledge of local and national codes and passing a written examination is generally required in order to obtain licensure in these areas. Continuing education requirements in order to maintain any licenses will generally vary from state to state.

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