Cake Baking Classes and Courses with Detailed Descriptions

There are various training levels for those who want to learn the art of cake baking. Read about where you can find these classes and get descriptions of the most common courses available.

Essential Information

Cake baking classes are offered at community colleges and 4-year schools through baking and pastry arts diploma, certificate and degree programs and as noncredit continuing education courses. Classes are also available online and through craft stores, bakeries and craft companies.

Most cake baking classes are offered on a beginner to advanced scale; however, some courses are devoted to specialty topics like fondant, frosting and gum paste. A high school diploma typically satisfies the admissions requirements of a baking and pastry arts degree program, while standalone classes in cake baking may not request anything other than a registration form. Experience in cake baking can be beneficial no matter the training level.

List of Courses

Here's a sampling of cake baking classes that can be found in both certificate and degree programs. Sanitation, pastry products, candy making and business planning may be other classes offered alongside cake baking courses.

Introduction to Cake Baking Course

This cake baking course is an essential first course for the aspiring professional cake maker. Methods of selecting, measuring and mixing ingredients are covered before students learn to create and bake their own cakes. Instructors demonstrate icing and decorating techniques. Kitchen safety is reviewed. Students produce a self-made cake for the final examination.

Specialty Cake Baking Course

Students learn to make cakes for weddings and special events in this course. Multiple layer construction for specialty cake design is demonstrated. Bakers work with ingredients for specialty cakes, such as marzipan and fondant, and learn to use specialized equipment for cake baking and decorating. This course can be taken after an introductory course in cake making.

European Cakes and Desserts

European style baking incorporates buttercreams, meringues and chocolate into cake baking. Techniques for successfully making European cakes and pastries are taught, such as pate a choux, dacquoise and meringue. Dessert and cake filling and frosting are emphasized. Students learn these techniques through lecture, demonstration and hands-on baking.

Cake Decoration Course

Baking the cake is only half of the process for a professional cake baker. Instruction on creating color, texture and decorative objects for cakes is provided in this course. Students use white modeling chocolate, pastillage and marzipan to put the finishing touches on special occasion cakes. Emphasis is on preparation of cream cheese and buttercream icings, ganache and traditional cake icing.

Using Chocolate in Cake Baking

Chocolate is used in cakes for icing, filling and flavoring. In this chocolate course, cake baking students learn to temper chocolate so that it can be used for decorating cakes and desserts. Chocolate candy-making techniques may be included in this course.

Advanced Cake Baking and Desserts Course

In this advanced cake baking class, students are exposed to a much wider range of batters and icing techniques. Students may attempt a variety of cakes, including tiramisu (an Italian dessert using ladyfinger cakes, espresso and a creamy filling) or opera cake (a French confection of almond sponge cake, chocolate ganache and coffee buttercream). Miroir cakes boast a glossy gel glaze topping for students to master. Burgeoning pastry chefs can also tackle chocolate ribbon cakes, which have a 'ribbon' of cream cheese filling baked right in, or a dome-shaped zuccotto, which surrounds flavored whipped cream with strips of pound cake.

Rolled fondant, advanced air brushing and tiered cake assembly may also be covered. Course topics include theory, preparation and presentation of plated desserts. Students may also learn how to use computer-generated images for decorating.

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