Calculus Course Online: Overview of Free Online Calculus Courses

Many colleges and universities offer free online courses in calculus. These courses range from beginning calculus for non-math majors to advanced calculus for engineers. Courses are available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Like many online courses, free online calculus courses can be completed any time, anywhere. However, they do not count towards the credits needed to complete a degree program.

Online Calculus Courses for Credit

Free courses in calculus can be found online for those seeking to explore the subject without the trouble of registration or tuition. Unfortunately, these courses do not provide college credit. If credit is something you're after, you might consider the comparatively low-cost calculus courses offered by Study.com. These online classes give you the opportunity to receive credit for college while studying engaging lessons taught by professional instructors, with both videos and transcripts of lesson content.

Students can try out Math 104: Calculus, which delves into mathematical operations involved with asymptotes, functions, polynomials, and more. Other topics from this course include:

  • Continuity - Topics include intermediate value theorem, continuity in a function, and more.
  • Limits - Examine one-sided limits, the squeeze theorem, limit properties, and related information.
  • Rate of Change - Learn about the mean value theorem, derivatives velocity and slopes, and more.
  • Integration Applications - Some of the material covered here includes calculating volumes using single integers, dynamic motion, and finding the area between functions using integration.

What Are Free Online Calculus Courses Like?

Free online calculus courses offer a simple, cost-effective way to improve students' mathematical skills. These classes are offered by major colleges and universities through their OpenCourseWare programs.

OpenCourseWare materials are free and available to college students, high school students, self-directed learners and virtually anyone with access to the internet. OpenCourseWare classes have no instructors, so students learn in a self-paced, self-directed environment. Grades, course credits and certificates or degrees are not granted upon course completion. Registration and enrollment are not required, and course content can be accessed at any time, anywhere.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT offers numerous free calculus classes. Some of the topics focused on include:

  • Multivariable Calculus covers material such as matrices, vector algebra in 3-space, and line integrals in the plane. Other topics include Green's theorem, Stokes' theorem and the divergence theorem.
  • Single Variable Calculus goes over the mathematical terms and operations involved with differentiation, function integration with a single variable, and infinite series.
  • Highlights of Calculus centers around the basics of calculus, guiding users through the purposes of this mathematical language as well as its fundamental operations and how they work. You'll also learn about derivatives and differential calculus.

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