California State University Online Degree Program Options

California State University offers online degree programs in several subjects, including business administration, public administration and education. The university awards bachelor's and master's degrees in these areas, in addition to a variety of education credentials. Keep reading for more information about online degree options through California State University.

What Online Degree Programs Are Offered by California State University?

The California State University (Cal State) Online system offers several online bachelor's degrees, master's degrees and certificates through the university system's 23 different campuses. Areas of study include education, instructional technology, business management, computer science, public policy, public administration and quality assurance.

Although most of the university's programs can be completed entirely online, hybrid programs are offered as well. In hybrid programs, students split their time between online study and classroom instruction. Some of Cal State Online's program options are detailed below.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

California State University's Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) program is a 2-year distance learning program offered through the university's East Bay campus. The program, which features several specialization options, prepares students for employment in the business world. Students can pursue the program at their own pace and have the option of meeting with their professor on campus if they wish to receive guidance. Program concentrations include:

  • Finance
  • Corporate management
  • Supply chain management
  • Operations and enterprise resource management

Master of Public Administration

A Master of Public Administration (MPA) program is available online through Cal State's San Bernardino campus. The program prepares students for management positions in education, health care, government and the international arena. Students can take the program fully online or through a hybrid schedule. However, comprehensive exams must be taken at the school. Some general course topics include:

  • Public administration
  • Statistics
  • Ethics
  • Law
  • Public management
  • Public policy

Education Credential Program

California State University's level II education credential program is a hybrid course of study that prepares students to become educational specialists. Students can also earn a Master of Arts in Education with the level II education credential. The program offers an option in special education and includes specializations in mild-to-moderate or moderate-to-severe disabilities and early childhood special education.

Credential requirements include at least two years served as a full-time teacher, current CPR certification and at least a 3.0 GPA in an undergraduate education program. Some general course topics include:

  • Literacy
  • Teaching methods
  • Psychology
  • Education assessment
  • Behavior management

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