CAT Scan Technology Courses and Classes Overview

Get details about CAT scan courses, including common topics and clinical requirements. These courses are usually available through certificate programs.

Essential Information

CAT (Computed Axial Tomography) scan technology courses are typically available through certificate programs in Computed Tomography (CT). Through these programs, students learn to prepare individuals for CAT or CT scans, set up the equipment and take a scan correctly. Most programs emphasize a theoretical understanding of the field along with hands-on clinical training. Upon completion of these programs, students may need to pass a certification exam to comply with state requirements.

Here are common concepts explored in CAT scan technology courses:

  • Image processing
  • Data acquisition methods
  • Radiation safety
  • Contrast agents
  • Patient assessment

List of Courses

CAT Scan Technology

Beginner-level CAT scan technology courses provide students with a background in diagnostic imaging and equipment. The class familiarizes students with how the equipment works to produce the best image quality. Often, students work with patients and prepare them for CAT scan tests and results.

CAT Scan Procedures

Through this course, students become familiar with all aspects of using CAT scans. Students learn how to monitor patients and provide an assessment of their overall stability. Additionally, issues about radiation safety and the pros and cons of other methods used in obtaining images are discussed. Intermediate-level courses such as this allow students to actively partake in preparing patients for the scans. Students may also observe licensed professionals performing CAT scans.

Cross-sectional Anatomy

Students in these courses learn about anatomical structures within the head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis, and musculoskeletal system. Physiology and pathology of these structures may be addressed. Students learn how to identify anatomical structures on CAT scan images; identification exercises are used to practice their knowledge.

Clinical in CAT Scan Technology

Clinical courses prepare students to work directly with licensed physicians and to analyze and interpret CAT scan data. Advanced-level CAT scan technology courses that are taught within the classroom cover clinical radiography, lower extremity and spine procedures, contrast procedures, cranium procedures, principles of exposure, radiation biology and psychology. CAT scan technology courses offered at this level also prepare students to receive certification as radiology technicians or computed tomographers, which allows them to seek entry-level positions in the field.

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