Christian Art Colleges and Schools in the U.S.

Christian art colleges allow students to earn undergraduate and graduate studio arts degrees in an academic environment that supports their religious beliefs. Prospective students can earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) or Master of Fine Arts (MFA) with concentrations in digital media, graphic design, film, photography or animation.

Choosing a Christian Art College or School

An undergraduate degree program in the fine arts generally leads to a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), which takes 4-5 years to complete. Some universities offer Master of Fine Arts (MFA) programs, and students looking for comprehensive Christian art courses may look for schools that offer both and facilitate articulation between the undergraduate and graduate programs. An MFA is the terminal studio arts degree and is typically finished in three years of full-time study, readying graduates to teach at an art school or community college.

Prospective arts students often select a school based on the availability of majors in their preferred media, such as ceramics, film production, photography, sculpture or printmaking. Fine arts degree programs at Christian colleges and schools require that students take a series of studio courses in their major, and often require additional work in a secondary studio art medium.

The studio resources and equipment for a major often affects school choice. A photography student may look for schools with plentiful darkroom or computer lab facilities for developing and editing photographs. Prospective students may also assess the gallery space allocated to student exhibitions, which are required in many BFA and MFA programs. For some prospective students, professors who have had their work displayed or written about in art magazines is a consideration in choosing an art program.

Christian schools often require religion or theology courses as part of the university core curriculum and may require chapel attendance. Students looking for a Christian art school may wish to consider a school's affiliated religious denomination to ensure that the religious instruction and services are compatible with their beliefs.

Largest Christian Art Colleges and Schools by Student Population

College/University Student PopulationInstitution Type
Brigham Young University34,2444-year, private not-for-profit
St. John's University - New York20,1094-year, private not-for-profit
Loyola University Chicago15,6704-year, private not-for-profit
Indiana Wesleyan University15,4424-year, Private not-for-profit
Boston College 14,836 4-year, private not-for-profit
Fordham University14,6664-year, private not-for-profit
Baylor University14,5414-year, private not-for-profit
Emory University12,7554-year, private not-for-profit
University of Notre Dame11,7314-year, private not-for-profit
American University11,6844-year, private not-for-profit
Southern Methodist University10,9654-year, private not-for-profit
University of Dayton10,9204-year, private not-for-profit
Duquesne University10,1064-year, private not-for-profit
Loyola Marymount University9,0114-year, private not-for-profit
Santa Clara University8,7584-year, private not-for-profit
University of San Francisco8,7504-year, private not-for-profit
Texas Christian University8,6964-year, private not-for-profit
Seattle University7,5604-year, private not-for-profit
Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico - Ponce7,4134-year, private not-for-profit
Creighton University7,0514-year, private not-for-profit

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